Water Willows is the only certified  / audited willow grower in the UK growing over 140 varieties of willow.

On the bank of the river Ouzel in the Buckinghamshire countryside as well as  our  energy copse.

Due to increasing demand some of our willows are now grown land  which has been farmed organically for 6 years  and is now  under conversion for full organic registration.

We supply a wide range  of living willow Rods  ( whips ) from 1.5 - 3 meters long as standard plus special order willow up to 15' ( 5 meters ) long.  A substantial range of Living Willow Structure kits including Wigwams, Domes,  Igloos,  Tunnels, Arbours, Arches and living lattice hedging ( fedge ) as easy to build DIY kits or a supply and install service using our standard kits or bespoke design to your specifications.

  Schools   If you wish to be invoiced after taking delivery  please email us (mail@waterwillows.com )  or fax with  details of your order, including delivery address, postcode,  contact name and telephone number, required delivery / installation date.    We will then confirm delivery price by email.     Invoice PDF will be emailed to you after delivery for payment.  The same applies if you wish to build your  own structures.


Wigwams,  Domes, Arbour, Igloo, tunnels, Archways,

6' 20' diameter,    3-100' long  6'- 11' tall

Available  in kit form from £45.00 or build from £250.00



Sold in Packs  for Winter Colour,  Ornamental,  Basketry,  Hedging, 

Windbreaks  Bio Fuels ( Logs & Chip ) in packs of 24-5000 cuttings

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WOOD FUEL KITS ( Logs & Chip ) 

From 25 square meters to 1 ha + from £70.00

Also supplied as  Cuttings from  £24.00 per 100



 WEAVING COURSES:                   Available from May 2013

                                    living willow  wlving willow rods  willow rods


willow rods willow rods willow rods, weaving willow living willow rods, willow rods willow rods  

29. Broughton Road, Milton Keynes Villag

Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire  MK10 9AH 

 Tel: 0845 020 4225 Fax: 0845 686 2600

Email       mail@waterwillows.com

willows cuttings, willow rods

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